About me

I am an Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Texas Tech University. My research is on the design of materials and processes for next-generation lithium-ion batteries and solar photovoltaics. I graduated from Indian Institute of Technology Delhi with a B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering, winning the institute silver medal. Here is my CV.

We are always looking for motivated PhD, Master’s, and undergraduate students to join our group.

Current PhD Openings

Admitted Master’s and undergraduate students at TTU interested in our research should email me with their CV and areas of interest. Undergraduate students can be supported through the TTU Honors College or the TTU Engineering REU


Our research is motivated by the goals of sustainability and energy efficiency. Here is our recent perspective on the fascinating area of chemomechanics of solid-state batteries. At Texas Tech, my group uses a variety of methods ranging from quantum mechanical and continuum simulations as well as data-driven approaches to produce engineering solutions to problems that benefit society.